What would a professional do?

Previously I mentioned 6 things to think about when you start losing focus on your goals.

Ideally, these are things that you ask yourself when you are setting goals in the first place and then continually refer back to throughout the process, but if you are back tracking, no worries!

The first question was “What would a Professional do?”

I like this one a lot, because oftentime we don’t trust ourselves, but we trust professionals.

We expect them, based on credentials/trophies/social proof/etc, to have the knowledge and experience that we are seeking.

They’ve done it before!

So if you are looking to lose 20 pounds, for example, how would a professional approach this situation?

  • Hire a coach?
  • Choose an Achieve by date
  • Track backwards to today
  • Set actionable steps (macros/cal counting/workout prescription)
  • Take plan into action
  • Be held accountable
  • Achieve the goal.

Another way I like to spin this is ask “What would my future self do?”

Back to that 20 pound goal.

  • What habits and behaviors would the future 20 pound lighter JB have? (that’s me)
  • If future 20 pound lighter JB could give me some advice, what would it be?
  • Would future 20 pound lighter JB skip today’s workout and binge on plantain chips?  Hey they’re Paleo right?

You get the point.

The trick here though is that you are now taking advice from yourself, and your future self has already achieved this goal, so you know you can do it too.

Woah! #youjustblewmymind

Next up, we’ll talk more about vision and knowing exactly what you are wanting to achieve and WHY!


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