Are you Distraction Proof?

If you find yourself losing focus on your health and fitness goals, the last thing you want to do is head to social media and get EVERYONE else’s opinion about your situation!

Yet, that’s usually the first thing we do.

  1. The going gets tough.
  2. We want to escape.
  3. ->Virtual Reality<-

I understand the attraction, being that you only see the glamorous stuff.

The posts that make you think everyone else’s life is perfect, and you’ve been left with the scraps.

We get frustrated.

We think, it’s not working anymore, there’s got to be celebrity, friend, coworker, or maybe even that person I saw at the grocery store, who knows more than me AND my coach!

Instead of looking to escape, we should be looking INWARD.

Why am I losing focus?

Why am I really feeling distracted?

Is this the goal I really want, or is it just challenging right now?

THEN, go talk with your coach!

They understand the turbulence of reaching for new peaks.

In fact, they’ve probably had those same troubles and can guide you away from them if you have an open and honest communication.

Finally, find a way to make yourself DISTRACTION PROOF!

Surround yourself with like minded people who can help keep you motivated and offer you advice or even just listen when you are in a tough spot.

If you have friends/family/coworkers who are more consistently negative than positive about your goals, it may be time to rethink those relationships.

Achieving your goal could be challenging enough on its own, you don’t need the added friction from someone else’s limiting beliefs.


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