Eat Well On The Go

Our bodies thrive when we eat in a calm space with little distraction, but that’s not how our lives work. We are always on the

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Train and Evolve

I’ve been an athlete most of my life. I love competing against others and, more importantly, with myself to always strive to be the best

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Adapt and Grow

I was around 350 lbs when I started CrossFit at CFED in 2012 and by the end of that first year after strict Paleo and

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Did you know the majority of people have one hip higher than the other and 90% of the time, the left hip is higher than

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Adaptive and Inclusive

You may have heard me say that I am an Adaptive and Inclusive trainer but you may not be sure what that really means. What

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Pain + Reflection = Progress

This equation is one of my favorite quotes from Ray Dalio. He notes that “…when we’re in the moment of pain, we tend not to

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Mindset Then Movement

Recently I discussed the importance of adopting a growth mindset before you take action on your goals. By looking past your goal to the lifestyle

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Growth vs Change

Throughout the years in intro sessions, goal setting, and athlete assessments, many people come to me looking for change. “I want to change my diet.”“I

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Non Starter

Have you ever not started something? I mean, you got all worked up, energized, PUMPED to begin a new adventure and somehow talked yourself out

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Just Show Up

One of the most common questions we get at Move goes something like this … “How do I get better at {double unders, pushups, deadlifts,

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