Mindset Then Movement

Recently I discussed the importance of adopting a growth mindset before you take action on your goals. By looking past your goal to the lifestyle that you want and need in order to achieve it, your results will not only be much more sustainable but you’ll likely reach the goal sooner and with less bumps along the path.

Though planning and preparation are clearly important, many people will spend their entire lives in the “thinking” stage without ever taking a single action. They become knowledge seekers. They consume books, blog posts, podcasts, youtube videos, and any other source of information they can. They have all the information available and still won’t take a step forward.

The thing is, you can learn all you want by reading and thinking and dreaming, but what are you actually doing to create the change you are looking for?

Growth can’t happen with mindset alone. You need to take ACTION. If you are doing, you are becoming. So, we have to do the things that will help us become the person. If all we ever do is think about what we want, without living those new found truths or philosophies, we haven’t changed our behaviors or habits in the least.

Once you’ve determined your goal and dreamt all the little details of your future life, what steps will you take to make it a reality? 1 year from now? 6 Months from now? 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day?

What about RIGHT NOW? What step will you take in this moment to be closer to reaching your goal?

Mindset then Movement!

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