Born to Move

Built on a passion for fitness


Everyone is Born To Move, and as fitness leaders, we stand United to this cause: To inspire personal growth, and build an inclusive community of strong, healthy, and capable individuals.

Since opening as CrossFit East Decatur in 2008, we’ve known that exercise is an integral part of helping someone feel whole. Exercise and sport are a form of self expression and realization through movement. Discovering the energy and life inside you can be an exciting and rejuvenating experience.

But exercising isn’t just about finding your 1 Rep Max Deadlift, or how fast you run a 5K, or how many pull-ups you can do in a row. It’s about how all of these things combined help you achieve the life that you want to live. It’s the journey to achieving these feats and what you learned about yourself along the way. It’s the friends, family, and community that come together to support you and your dreams. MOVE with PURPOSE!


Our workouts are FUN and effective! The CrossFit prescription includes CONSTANT VARIATION of FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT performed at INTENSITY. Our coaches meet you at your level and modify the workouts to help you achieve your specific goals.

What does all that mean?

CONSTANT VARIATION>> Different every day BUT NOT RANDOM. All movements and exercises can be adjusted for the individual.
FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS>> We use safe, effective and efficient exercises similar to those you use in every day life.
HIGH INTENSITY>> Like our movements, Intensity can be adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.


Community pushes us, encourages us, applauds our success and consoles our failure. Community gives us something more to believe in and makes us strive to be the best version of ourselves. This applies to exercise and training as well. The strength we see in others builds strength in our own lives. It’s a perpetual cycle that feeds and grows as we nourish it. So why go it alone when you have fitness community who can help you realize your true potential? When you join Move, you start training with friends!

OUR Team

Owner of Move Functional Fitness

Jonathan Beckner


Owner of Move Functional Fitness

Matthew Gunby


Move Functional Fitness Coach

Trista Highfill

Coach at move functional fitness

Kerri Dobo

Move Functional Fitness Coach

Chelsea Dick

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